Oğuzhan Kahyaoğlu

9+ yrs. Software Arhcitect, Full-stack Developer; United Kingdom (UK) oguzhan.kahyaoglu@yahoo.com
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Tech Influencer! Loves to spread dev-related info;

  • expert at Test Driven Development (TDD) using .NET Framework/.NET Core (9+ yrs),
  • Angular (4+ yrs), Javascript/Typescript (9+ yrs) and many other front-end technologies,
  • written many Nuget Packages (downloaded more than 50K+),
  • deeply love Jetbrains products,
  • connected to KISS, DRY and YAGNI principles,
  • tightly connected to Agile principles,
  • worked with Trunk-based development and using Feature-toggling as needed,
In Amazon, Alexa Shopping Multi Modal Experiences Team (current employer), we develop high quality products, following the latest world-wide software development standards; unit/integration test, internal-developed quality gates, ui test etc.

.NetCore, Java/Kotlin, Angular, Javascript/Typescript, Heroku, Azure (Functions, Service Bus, Storage, Application Insights, App Services), Unit Test (xUnit) Resharper/Rider Microservice, LLBLGEN, Entity Framework Core, MassTransit, Javascript, LESS, AspnetZero, AspnetBoilerplate, Mediatr&CQRS, Regex, Hangfire, Jenkins, svn/git, Teamcity, Octopus, TestProject/Selenium, OOP, Object Oriented Design, Entity Framework, Unit Testing, Contentful, HeadlessCMS, and more!


Backend Development
  • Resharper, Rider & Webstorm (Long live Jetbrains products! )
  • C#
  • .net core (9+ Years)
  • Java/Kotlin (6 months)
  • MVC
  • Entity Framework, Entity Framework Core, Dapper, LLBLGEN
  • CQRS
  • Unit Test (xUnit)
  • Design Patterns
  • WCF Services
  • Rest Apis, OOP, Object Oriented Design
  • Nuget Package Development (see my nuget profile)
  • CI/CD: Jenkins, Teamcity, Octopus
  • Microsft SQL Server, Redis, MySql, Cosmos DB (a little bit)
Cloud Platforms
  • Microsoft Azure (Kubernetes, Storage, Azure Functions, AppServices, Service bus, application insights)
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
Frontend Development
  • Angular 8+
  • HTML/Javascript
  • jQuery
  • Photoshop
  • UML standards
  • Git, CQRS and writing REST APIs
  • Extracting business logic from existing software written in different techno
  • Writing anti-corruption layers


Senior Software Developer (SDE 2)


As being a SDE2 in Amazon, in the Alexa Shopping Multimodal Experiencs team, we are focusing on developing rich customer experiences.
They, as expected, running on AWS services and we are using APL language in the front-end side, Kotlin on the backend side.
This position enabled me to do development on Java technology stack.

Tech Stack: AWS, Java/Kotlin, Alexa Presentation Language (APL), many other internal tools

2022 October - Present

Software Architect

Enerjisa Uretim

Within Enerjisa Uretim, we develop corporate projects that are being used in our powerplants all over Turkey.
We work fully Agile by the way. Unit test and UI tesing is so much important for us in order to ensure high quality of our projects.
I can clearly state that we are developing .netcore&Angular 8 stack applications using Aspnetzero/Aspnetboilerplate frameworks.

Tech Stack: AspnetBoilerplate, AspnetZero, Angular, Typescript

2019 Jan - 2022 September

Lead Developer

Vektora Consultancy

I have been working as a Lead Consultant (formerly, as Senior Consultant) in Vektora, within the department of Microsoft. We are implementing huge integrations, internal and external web application according to our customer needs. As consultants, we are 7/24 reachable due to the fact that we are responsible of huge external systems like: Vestel.com.tr, Regal-tr.com, Garenta.com.tr and so on.
I am also responsible about Framework Development within the company, which is being distributed among most of our projects.
Tech Stack: soa architecture, wcf/asmx, webforms, mvc, .netcore, ef, ninject, svn/git, ms sql, heroku, jquery, and many front-end technologies.

Dec 2016 - Jan 2019

Senior Full-stack Developer

Hostamedia Web Agency

Hostamedia could be counted as my first professional software experience; I started there as junior developer, worked for almost 4 years (with a 6 month break due to millitary services).
The company is so popular within the Hotel Websites sector of the web agencies; they got strong references like The Marmara Hotels, The House Hotels, Avantgarde Group and so on.
We were mostly doing back-end integrations to their prebuilt CMS systems. After some time, I started developing plugins for the CMS systems and contrib part of the company Framework.
Technologies being used: Webforms, LLBLGEN (instead of EF), .net 3.5, svn, ms sql, jquery and many other front-end technologies.

Oct 2012 - Nov 2016


Bogazici University

Management Information Systems

Within the enjoyful department of MIS , I had education about numerous topics of business life additional to software development.
Additionally, I had extra courses from Computer Science and BIS Departments which would be helpful in my future life, in my opinion.
When it comes to my thesis, I created a project using AHP algorithm of Decision Support Systems.

GPA: 3.05

2007 Sep - 2012 Jan

Maçka Akif Tunçel ATL High School

Computer Software Development
Computer science tack
2003 Sep - 2007 Sep


PPM (Power Plant Management)

EnerjiSA Uretim

Within Enerjisa Uretim, we develop .netcore/angular8 applications that are being used in our powerplants. Fully implementing Agile principles, we develop high quality softwares using unit/ui testing and jenkins pipelines/sonarqube quality gates/trunk-based development and so on.

Tech Stack: AspnetBoilerplate, AspnetZero, Angular, Typescript

2020 Jan - 2022 September

Kale Community Portal


Kale Community portal is a facebook-like project for handymans. We renewed the project using .netcore framework, integrating salesforce and hosted it on Heroku. Integrations are both running on Hangfire for scheduled jobs and on-demand rest-api queries, too.

Tech Stack: .net core, redis, heroku, mongodb, postgresql.




YKK, our first .netcore project, 2 web applications, 1 web api, windows services, hangfire and some console applications composes this complex project. We tasted the new things came up with .netcore framework and we are very eager to use it much more.

Tech Stack: .net core


Garenta Rent a Car link


Garenta, a car-rental site; website, callcenter and branch screens are developed by Vektora. I have been working on all of the sites, integrations, services and anywhere of the project in order for our customer's needs.

Tech Stack: .net core


Vestel.com.tr link


I have been giving support for Vestel.com.tr. From pos integration, to SAP/CRM and many other service providers, we have been mostly working on integration. This is the highest traffic site of Vektora actually. In parallel, we tried to do our best in order to increase performance of the site within the last two years; which resulted in on a single machine, this website can handle more than 5K users easily.

Tech Stack: .net mvc, jquery, less


The Marmara Hotels Collection link


The Marmara group website was the biggest project for Hostamedia. It was the candidate of us for Altın Örümcek that year.

Tech Stack: .net webforms, jquery, less



  • Professional Scrum Master I link